Pacelli and Claire of Eason Mullingar present jersies to our Nursery Co-ordinator Bernie Corroon and participants.

For 2017, Emma Murphy is leading our Laochra Ogra (Young Heros) Programme to give 4 to 6 year old girls and boys an age appropriate introduction to sport and gaelic football. This will not be just concentrating on GAA skills but also fundamental skills known as the ABC' s(Agility, Balance, Coordination). Children will follow a programme to develop their individual motor skills (jumping, throwing, catching) and it is our aim to keep the coaching sessions fun and with plenty of variety.      

These 1 hour coaching sessions start on Saturday 11th March at 5pm and will continue on Saturdays for the month of March until the clocks change. After that we revert to out normal Friday evening slot at 630pm for from April 3rd for the rest of the year. You can register at any session or online via our website.

'Mol an óige agus tiocfaidh siad'